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CCTV Cameras and Accessories
We have a selection of cameras, sensors and monitor as well as some combinations of smoke detectors and coameras in one.

Y Soft SafeQ Professional Print Management Software
Print management software for network printers and multifunction devices provides access control, secure printing and cost control.

Y Soft SafeQ enables the administrator to define fixed rules and allocate roles to specific employees within the company. It will therefore be pre-defined for the users in terms of what format they may print, in what color and whether simplex or duplex. Responsible user behavior leads to a rapid drop in printing operations and prevents a waste of resources.

Efficient protection of sensitive data and control over user access to multifunctional devices is among the primary missions of YSoft SafeQ. Users are always identified when handling printers – by user cards, passwords or PIN – and the system coordinates their access and rights. The users can pick up their print jobs on a random printer, because with YSoft SafeQ the jobs are available anywhere. This printing solution can also precisely account for and report all jobs done on the printer, always matching the specific needs of users. Educational institutions or Attorney’s offices can use YSoft SafeQ to charge for printing.

Interactive Whiteboards
Transform any Classroom into a 21st Century Interactive Classroom. The Sangari iBoxTM is a portable, compact, durable teaching tool that offers new
levels of Curriculum access, interactivity and proficiency to the 21st Century Educator. The Sangari iBoxTM combines, the advances made in computer driven systems, with high-tech presentation facilities, giving educators an invaluable teaching resource.
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Cartridges and Supplies for other brands
Even if you haven't purchased your copier/printer/duplicator from us, we'll manage all your service and maintenance requirements.

Voice Over IP
Voice over IP (VoIP, or voice over Internet Protocol) commonly refers to the communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, and transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet.

Fax to email
You will receive you own FAX number where others will be able to scan pictures or text into the Fax and send them to your e-mail address.
An internet e-mail service provider is necessary. Documents are sent in HTML file format and can be opened with most Web browsers..

Fax over IP
FOIP stands for Fax over IP and refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes via a VOIP network.

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